Working in partnership with grass roots, marginalized farmer’s, agricultural workers, Dalit, women and children. RCDSC facilitates community participation in program formulation and implementation, with equal participation of women in decision-making and work place. We would like to undertake projects that ensure:


Rely on the full participation of Dalit, women and children with direct experience o targeted problems.


Creates new networks including such different constituencies as District Administration, VDC, other government agencies, academics, and lawyers. Police, social activists, NGO’s, stakeholders and donors committed to working for the empowerment of dalits women and children’s.

Rights and Advocacy

Bring about positive changes in attitudes and policies concerning dalit, women and children though their organization and empowerment.


Build respect for individual/human right across religious, region, caste, gender and political lines.

Gender sensitive

Provide equal opportunity for men and women at work place and community.


The activities and program of the organization will not favor any political party and will be non-party in nature.

Geographical Area and Target Groups

  • Rural areas of Terai.
  • Target groups: – (a) Dalit (b) Women (c) Children