Meet our chairman

Mr. Ram Adhar Kapar

With a history of Politics, and a passion towards humanity, born and brought up in the Terai region of Nepal and being a first hand witness to several domestic violence towards the Dalit community, i seek to end this.

The Dalit community (i.e untouchables) and the rural women of Nepa,l face a variety of extreme cases of violence. They are deprived of their human rights which lead them to extreme poverty and lack of knowledge and sanitization. Due to this, numerous people develop several diseases and die because of unhygienic conditions. Being born and brought up in Terai region of Nepal, I am a firsthand witness to such activities. It led me to create a team of motivated individuals with a similar mindset to solve these problems. We founded RCDSC with a motive to create awareness and promote education, sanitization, basic human rights and political values among the underprivileged. With time, we grew into a trusted NGO and are backed by several renowned national and international organizations. We aim to continue striving towards our goals till we diminish these social norms and put an end to this in Nepal.