Our Profile


Rural Community Development Service Council (RCDSC) is a non-profit seeking NGO registered at the Mahottari District Administration office in 1997. It is affiliated to the social welfare council. RCDSC started work with dalit and women in 1997. In January 1997 two disturbing events occurred in our district. The first was the communal violence between Hindus and Muslims in Simardahi VDC. The second was the violence and court litigation against the dalit who had settled on Matihani Guthi ‘s land. Few of us who were disturbed by these events sat together to ponder about the happenings. We discussed about all forms of caste/class violence, gender / domestic violence, all kinds of social / economic evils and discriminations prevailing in our society leading to conflict. We concluded that the root cause for such violence and social evils is not only economic but also the cast/ ethnic and patriarchal structures of social organization have perpetuated poverty and many kinds of social evils and discrimination and resolve conflicts democratically in an institutionalized way. This organization RCDSC was therefore the result of our resolve.


We cherish to change our society through sustainable community development, based on Social, Economic, and Political and Gender equality.


Our mission is to organize the targeted groups-Dalits, Women and Youths against untouchability Gender in-equality, other social evils and help them to improve their health. We hope to make them self reliant so that they have a proper participation in the decision-making bodies of the society and are able to enjoy their rights.


  • Find out local resources and make them accessible to the poor, dalit women and children in the rural areas.
  • Promote co-relation and co-operation between economic human resource development and environment.
  • Development of Human resources based on proper cultural and education values.
  • Formation of local dalit organization to fight against untouchables.
  • Involve the dalits, women and youths in the decision making process.
  • Influence the policy makers, so that they formulate policies that address the problems of dalits, women and children.


  • We intend to bring social change by empowering men and women for their equal development.
  • Increase awareness and provide reproductive health, HIV-AIDS etc services to men, women and children of rural areas of terai. The health services will be complimentary and supplementary to the existing governmental and private health facilities.
  • Organize dalits, men and women against untouchability and gender discriminations/violence. Develop leadership so that they have a share in the local resources and participation in the decision making process in the local governance.
  • To start a campaign against various kinds of traditional obscurantism like, dowry system, veil system, child marriage, child labor, belief in “dyan” (witches) etc.
  • To provide relief to the victims of natural disasters.
  • We will increase awareness and protect the natural environment of the rural areas.
  • Raise consciousness of the community about their sanitation and hygiene; provide hand pipes for safe drinking water and Pit latrines for sanitation.
  • We will try to manage the existing conflict in the rural areas and establish peace.
  • To organize the small and marginal farmers for their economic and social development.
  • We will work to eliminate bonded/ semi bonded labor and child labor.
  • We seek opportunities to work in partnership with other agencies and group in the pursuit of these aims and objectives. Experience demonstrates that by working together it is possible to realize even the most ambitious goals and objectives.
  • RCDSC provides Ambulance service to the communities in minimum rate.