RCDSC Supporting Flood Victims of Mahottari district in 2011

At the present (in the year 2011), the flood that hit Mahottari and neighboring districts have left devastating effect to the community of more than 25 VDCs downstream.

Aukshi Khola that merges with Jangaha Khola in Maisthan VDC has flooded most part of Mahottari district; and compounded to it Ratukhola that too finds its track along Maisthan VDC   has added inflictions to the community of Mahottari and Dhanusha district of Nepal. As the rivers loose speed on flatter ground, they have deposited huge amounts of sediment in the riverbeds. This raises the riverbeds and causes the rivers to shift course, eroding the banks of valuable farmland. These floods have deposited sand and gravel on fields, destroying standing crops, and reducing the future productivity of the land. This year it can be speculated that the district is sure to suffer food shortage.

More than 1000 houses are completely destroyed and 5800 people have left their homes seeking shelter elsewhere. District Disaster Response Committee (DDRC) has been providing some relief materials including some food and tent houses, and RCDSC has been providing volunteer service to rescue the victims and facilitate to provide relief materials to the needy people.