Increase Access of Dalit, Poor and Women to Justice


  • To increase access to justice of dalit, poor women.
  • To increase quick and quality justice for poor women and dalit at district level.
  • To increase awareness among the individuals in target areas and stakeholders involved in justice delivery on human rights, gender and dalit issues,
  • To enhance access to justice for Dalits, women and poor in target areas,
  • To increase legal aid for Dalits, women and poor at the district level to facilitate effective and quality justice and
  • To increase attention of the concerned stakeholders of judicial and quasi-judicial bodies for speedy and quality justice for Dalits, women and poor.


  1. Duration: February 1, 2006 – January 30, 2007
  2. Coverage: Mahottari District
  3. Donor agency: USAID/ARD/ROL Project
  4. Current Status: Completed
  5. Major Outcomes
  • Fifty community mediators (7 females, 43 male) from five VDCs were trained representing 10 mediators from each VDC.
  • A total of 165 persons (79 females, 86 male) involved in VDC level justice dispensing mechanism from five VDCs including VDC secretaries, representatives from social activists, leaders of political parties, CBOs, health posts, agriculture service centers and the mediators have been sensitized on human rights, caste and gender based discrimination and violence.
  • 5 persons (3 females and 2 male) from dalits and poor community received free legal aid support and a total of 11 cases were filed in court.
  • The concerned officials of District Court and Bar Association Mahottari have realized that the procedure of getting free legal aid is difficult to the needy victims and there is a need to simplify the process to make it easily accessible to the poor, dalit and women.

Program area

Mahottari District

Budget Needed

Project Period

February 1, 2006 - January 30, 2007