Poverty Alleviation through Modern Agriculture and Irrigation


  1. Objectives
  • To strength water user groups for installation of shallow tube wells to increase production of farmers.
  • To act in coordination with the District Agriculture Office and other related line agencies.
  • To make farmers and water users groups and strengthen these groups so that they adopt modern methods of farming so that they use sustainable agricultural methods to increase their income.


  1. Duration: July 1 2005-June 30 2006
  2. Coverage: Mahottari and Dhanusha Districts
  3. Donor/partner agency: HMG, CECI, Gramin Bikas Bank, District Agricultural Office 5. Current Status: Completed
  4. Major Outcomes
  • 182 Water User groups were formed in this year. There are 728 members in these groups. These are the potential groups who will take loan from the Gramin Bikas Bank and install shallow tube wells.
  • 139 Shallow Tube Wells were installed. This will irrigate 560 bighas of farmland and benefit 728 small and marginal farmers by increasing their income.
  • 15 farmers were given awareness on modern methods of farming and irrigation.
  • 12 farmers of Mahottari VDC participated in a workshop and discussed ways and methods of constructing roads from farm to market.
  • 14 farmers of Parikauli/Phulhata VDC participated in a workshop and discussed ways and methods of constructing roads from farm to market.
  • 15 farmers participated in a training which aimed to transfer new technology regarding installation of shallow tube wells.
  • The use of this technology has minimized the failures of tube wells.
  • 25 participants were trained how to cultivate vegetables and fruits for income generation in their gardens.
  • 8 farmers have made smokeless stoves in their houses to cook food without pollution.
  • 46 farmers have planted trees for farmer’s forest to increase their income.
  • 46 farmers are growing HYV grasses for the fodder of cattle’s to increase their income by producing more milk and meat.
  • 6 farmers are producing various kinds of inorganic manure to increase their production and income by selling those manures.
  • 18 farmers are using and producing Earth worm manure and have increased their production and income by using the manure and selling it to other farmers.


Program area

Mahottari and Dhanusha Districts

Budget Needed

Project Period

July 1 2005-June 30 2006