Public Health, Hygiene and Sanitation (PHHS) Project

  1. Objectives
  • 150 families of the poor and excluded groups will regularly use safe and clean pit latrine
  • 85 families of the poor and excluded groups will get safe drinking water even in the flooded period.
  • The road, trial and public places will be clean and sanitized.


  1. Duration: January 15-2007 to April -30 -2007
  2. Coverage: Mahottari District
  3. Partner agency: OXFAM GB Nepal
  4. Current Status: Completed
  5. Major Outcomes
  6. 150 households of poor and excluded group got safe and secured toilet. As a result, the health of women is improved.  85 households of the same group got safe and clean drinking water even in the flood time.
  7. Road and public places are neat and clean. As a result, health of the community people is improved.
  8. c. This helped, especially for women, young children and adolescence girls for disposal of urine and stools in a safe and secured place. Approximately 1500 women and adolescence girls are directly benefited from it.
  9. The women participated in each and every meeting to plan and implement the project at community. There are 40% women in user’s committees.
  10. There are some constraints to select appropriate place for installation of the water tube well. Because, the clusters were closed and it is difficult to identify appropriate place for hand pump installation and disposal of the wastewater. But it became manageable, as community people actively participated to identify and arrange the places, to maintain sanitation of the hand pump and manage the wastewater.


Program area

Mahottari District

Budget Needed

Project Period

January 15-2007 to April -30 -2007