Promoting Peace through Increasing Support for Victims of Conflict & Income generation


  • To create opportunities for short- term employment for the displaced and dalits in the urban and rural areas.
  • TO raise awareness on available health and other governmental and non-governmental services to the victims and displaced persons.
  • To provide legal aid for the victims \ families of the armed conflict.
  • To increase the participation of the dalits and poor in the local governance and justice system so that their faith in democracy and local governance increases and they do not join the armed conflict.
  • To minimize the exploitation of the moneylenders and increase the income of the dalits and poor.
  • To increase the capacity of the women \ dalit \ poor and local level stakeholders on conflict management and peace building.
  1. Duration: January 2006- January 2007
  2. Coverage: Mahottari and Dhanusha Districts
  3. Donor agency: USAID
  4. Current Status: Finished


  1. Major Outcomes till date


·       30 groups (778 members) are formed and implementing S/C activities.
·       30 events completed and a total of 592 participants participated in the training
·       30 events completed and a total of 649 participants participated in the training.
·       NRS 600,000.00 (Six hundred Thousand) distributed (NRS 20,000 per group for 30 groups)
·       Two events completed and a total of 60 participants participated in the training.
·       Two events completed and a total of 60 participants participated in the training.
·       In total, 4995 meters of such roads have been constructed in the project VDCs of both districts. The length of the road was estimated tentatively in planning and now it is actual length of the road.
·       A total of 198 (113 M., 85F) have got citizenship certificates,

·       220 children  (103 M, 117F.) got birth certificates, and

·       23 couples have got marriage registration certificates.

·       24 events of one day meeting have been held.
·       Four events (two in Dhanusha and two in Mahottari district) completed.
·       8 events has been held (4 events in each district)
·       20 participants (The VOCs and members of S/C groups participated two days training on human rights
·       In total 24 persons got free legal service.  The lawyers from RCDSC has provided free legal services in counseling the victims, preparation of writ and registration of the cases at the court, pleading on behalf of the victims at court and collecting necessary evidences.
·       Two events of such training completed and 20 VOCs participated in the training
·       20 students selected and they have been awarded scholarship for 10 months. It was planned for 12 months (January-December), but, due to the conflicting situation in the field the program started only from March 2006.
·       Two events of such training completed and 20 women including the conflict victims participated in the training



Program area

Mahottari and Dhanusha Districts

Budget Needed

Project Period

January 2006- January 2007


Donors for this Program

Donor Donation Amount