Quality Basic Education Program

1. Objectives

• To enhance the capacity and confidence of the facilitators and community for ownership and sustainability.
• To enable smooth transition from ECD to primary schools.
• To increase in the Access to education for all children of 5- 14 in primary school in two selected RCs of Mahottrai
• To increase retention of children enrolled in primary school of 2 RCs of Mahottari.
• To increase capacity of school on planning and effective implementation of SIP
• To strength of monitoring system of DEO
• To reduce discrimination against caste / ethnicity and gender in terms of schooling of children.

2. Duration: July 1 2005-June 30 2006

3. Coverage: Mahottari and Dhanusha Districts

4. Donor/Partner agency: Save The Children Japan

5. Current Status: Finished

Program area

Mahottari and Dhanusha Districts

Budget Needed

Project Period


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