We Can Movement

• To provide basic health awareness on reproductive health tot eh women of Mahottari district
• To organize the women through promoting savings and credit cooperative promotion.

Duration: July 1 2005

Donor/partner agency: World Neighbor

Current Status: On going

Major Outcomes Till date
• In total 90 groups of women savings and credit cooperatives (S/C groups) are formed having 1959 members. The S/C groups have developed and implemented savings and loan mobilization policies. RCDSC has distributed Rs 600,000(Six hundred thousand) to the S/C group as seed money.
• 12 clinic are established and the clinics have been providing basic health services and awareness raising initiatives to villagers.
• 117 members participated in this training 107 were women and 10 were men.
• They became aware about the importance and benefits of keeping their surroundings clean.
• They became aware about the importance of pit latrines.
• The participants came to know how to install and use pit latrines.
• 20 women and 24 men learned the skills to use and maintain H/P and P/L.
• They make a decision to save Rs 5 every month in each group by themselves for the maintenance.
• The participants of various caste came together to learn about the use of common H/P, thereby increasing cooperation between various dalit and non-dalit castes.
• A 3 member district coordination committee consisting of 2 partner NGOs and district coordinator has been formed.
• Quarterly meeting were held at the VDC level to involve the stakeholders in the management and monitoring of the project.

• On the occasion of Women’s Day on 8thMarch-2005 all the 6 YIC organized various activities. In total there were 450 male and female participants in these actions. The members of the management comittes of YiC actively participated .
• The VDC level coordination committee sharing meeting was held 4 times once in each quarter in all the 6 VDC, s.
• The participants were Traditional Birth Attendants (TAB’s), Health Workers, Teachers, VDC Secretaries, and representatives of political parties. The total participants were 38, women-9 and Men-29.
• Wad Adhykshas, representative of the political parties and Wad health workers have helped to convince the AYs for savings.
• Knowledge dissemination through the family gatherings was held only twice.
• There were 2617 total participants, there were 898 female and 1719 male.
• The parents of the adolescent youths became aware about the RHIYA project.
• Parents were determined to allow their children’s to participate in the activities of the project and were convinced that savings credit will benefit them.
• 1-6 series of book lets has been distributed to the group members.

Program area

Budget Needed

Project Period

July 1 2005